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Policy solutions for a more

sustainable future

Working together to deliver outcomes

In 2017 SAMI can look back and take stock of the linkages that we have built and the long body of work chairmen members and has seen our member base grow. We currently have a short-term financially secured future. As with all not-for-profit organisations, we would always like to see new committee members from across our industries stepping up to have their say. Farming is a long-term business and SAMI will stand there with you through the good times and the bad. To ensure our long-term future, we need you to come and stand with us and consider nominating for the SAMI board and encouraging other irrigators you know to become members.


SAMIs future will be guided by a new generation of horticulturalists who will be operating in ever tightening competitive markets, controls and trade conditions. But with this pressure comes the potential for great rewards. The ups and downs of farming is a choppy sea of waves and troughs. Farmers face input costs on multiple fronts. Our members have to navigate global and local trade and cycles to remain in business over the long-run.


SAMIs aim for the future is to provide some of the links, networks and information relevant to irrigation businesses. Being armed with the information and opportunities that SAMI can provide aims to support as best we can our members and proud people of the irrigation community. An example of just some of our achievements and hard work are outlined below.

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