SAMI will strive to uphold the rights and access to water for all South Australian River Murray irrigators.

SAMI Structure

Our vision is for a profitable South Australian Murray Irrigation industry in which the sustainable use of our water and other natural resources supports expanding, vibrant regional communities in control of their own futures.

A Strategic Approach

SAMI is an incorporated body governed by a committee of up to twelve irrigators. SAMI is structured to ensure fair representation for irrigating farmers along the full length of the South Australian stretch of the Murray River.


The committee is comprised of up to four representatives from the Lower, up to four from the Mid and up to four from the Upper River Murray areas. The Chair is elected by the committee members. SAMI is a not-for-profit membership-based organisation funded through an annual voluntary membership fee.

Although subscriptions to SAMI are voluntary, we need as many irrigators as possible to support the organisation that supports them. SAMI would like to again appeal to you to consider joining and contribute to the organisation that is run by irrigators for irrigators.


The annual membership fee for this year is 45¢/ML with a minimum subscription of $60 + GST. This fee includes membership to the National Irrigators’ Council, who provide SAMI members with a link to Canberra and a voice in the national arena. It is only with this contribution that SAMI can continue to lobby for irrigators rights.


SAMI needs your membership to ensure the voice of irrigators is heard in these plans.  We need to protect your water entitlement and your business and ensure the voice of irrigators is not drowned out by competing demands and sensible policy can result.

SAMI works in a complex political environment, on many levels and through a variety of channels to achieve results for our members. We are focussed on achieving critical support for the sustainable, equitable allocation of water resources needed for primary production driving economic growth from the SA Murray-Darling Basin region.


We are addressing the short and long-term issues faced by our members to secure the ongoing availability of quality water for irrigating producers and maintain a healthy working river.


SAMI’s work is set out in the SAMI Five-Year Strategic Plan which provides our focus and drives our activities. 

About SAMI

South Australian Murray Irrigators (SAMI) provides a united voice for South Australia’s irrigation dependent primary producers; working to ensure their interests are protected and heard at the highest levels of State and Federal Government. SAMI is recognised as an organisation that achieves results through action.

As a founding member of the National Irrigators Council, we work collaboratively with other irrigation representatives, across the country, to achieve positive national policy outcomes for our industries. SAMI’s vision is for a profitable South Australian River Murray irrigation industry in which the sustainable use of our water and other natural resources supports vibrant regional communities in control of their own futures.

SAMI is concerned about the economic sustainability of our industries in the modern world of water trade. We must ensure our members have access to clean and plentiful water allocations in a highly secured and ongoing basis. Achieving this requires South Australia to have a healthy working River which provides good quality water for multiple users, in quantities sufficient to be able to maintain a sustainable system. We believe that this can be achieved though good, equitable water policy and resources management coupled with advancements in irrigation technology and management.

Our members continue to set the bar for efficient use of water for agricultural production using advanced technology and farming methods. We are responsible water users on farm but must rely on Governments and our upstream neighbors to manage water resources in a way that gives regard to the needs and rights of South Australian irrigators.

SAMI has had a seat at the negotiating table for over 20 years and at critical points. We are determined to continue influencing State and Federal politicians, policy makers, funding bodies and the media as well raising community awareness to achieve the best possible outcomes for our members.