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Standing strong

The people of South Australia know very well the potentially disastrous and damaging effects of drought on our communities and industries.

The Murray-Darling Basin is Australia’s food bowl producing a third of the country’s food supply through irrigated crops and pastures for both domestic consumption and export. A practical, equitable and sustainable approach to water resources management is critical for us all.


SAMI has lobbied to ensure that the good irrigation practices employed by our members don't go unnoticed nor unrewarded.

A united voice for
SA Murray irrigators

SAMI played a pivotal role in the success of the SARMS – 3IP grant (WIA) by advocating for the criteria to not just focus on irrigation efficiency. The regions as a whole have benefited greatly and will continue to for many years.

SAMI’s work does not stop when it rains. A range of environmental, economic and political threats affects members. SAMI plays a critical and ongoing role in protecting the right of irrigators in South Australia to continued, secure access to Murray River water & allocation entitlements for agricultural and food production for South Australian Murray Irrigators.


We are recognized as the voice of South Australian irrigators. SAMI is frequently invited by local, State and Commonwealth Government bodies to represent our members and contribute our perspective to discussions of great importance to irrigators. SAMI leverages these relationships to influence policy and achieve better outcomes for members. As electricity, levies and other business inputs continue to rise, SAMI works hard to help keep these costs down and minimise impositions on irrigation businesses and their industries.

We are Australia’s driest State and our location at the end of the Murray-Darling river system creates a unique set of concerns and issues for South Australia regarding water resources that must be voiced at the State and Federal level. We are particularly vulnerable to and impacted by the actions and water policies of upstream States. Clearly, there is much at stake and protecting our State’s interests in what can often be emotionally charged debates, particularly during severe drought, is important. During these times, SAMI works collaboratively with other South Australian industry bodies, local and State government, community and other river user interest groups to resolve issues and stand up for South Australians at the national level with the goal of influencing the development of water policy which is fair, equitable and sustainable.

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