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A United Voice for
Murray Irrigators

Welcome to SAMI

South Australian Murray Irrigators (SAMI) plays a vital role in protecting the interests & livelihoods of South Australian Murray Irrigators and their communities. We actively defend South Australian Murray Irrigators rights & strongly promote the best practice irrigation techniques that our irrigators have implemented.


South Australian Murray Irrigators have been at the forefront of irrigation practices over the decades, tackling hard environmental problems such as salinity. Our members are amongst the world leaders in the sustainable & equitable management of River Murray waters.

SAMI is a not-for-profit volunteer organisation that was initiated in 1992 by a collaboration of irrigators and was formalized in 2002.

SAMI represents irrigation businesses throughout the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin from the border to the Coorong and Murray Mouth.

Irrigating farmers in South Australia make a significant economic and social contribution to communities, the State and the nation as food producers for consumption both here in Australia and for exports that are so important to our economy. These farmers produce many of the healthy foods and beverages Australians expect to enjoy such as wine and table grapes, almonds, pistachios, avocados, citrus, apricots, potatoes, onions, carrots, dairy products and stock feed.

SAMI advocates for irrigators’ rights and works towards influencing policies to the benefit of the irrigator. This includes;

  • Working towards reducing red tape and minimizing fees and taxes,

  • Protecting members rights to irrigate crops with allocated high-security water entitlements,

  • Promoting the need for a state salinity policy review,

  • Promoting practical solutions to the Lower Lakes water savings and drought management options. (lake Albert Connector and Lower Lakes options works.),

  • Working for fairer electricity prices,

  • Promoting the irrigation industries contribution to the state and national economy,

  • Encouraging the younger generation to embrace irrigation and farming as a career and

  • Fostering industry leadership and engagement.

Farmers in the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Operate in some of the World's Most Challenging Environmental Conditions to Produce Food & Beverages of World Renowned Quality.

South Australian Murray Irrigators have clearly demonstrated their commitment to sustainable water resource management.  Our members battle drought, salinity, pests and diseases, unfair competition from imports and misunderstanding about their views on environmental management & general business pressures.


By focusing efforts on strong representation and communication, SAMI is committed to;


  • Ensuring members have fair and equitable access to natural resources (land and water)

  • Building support for our critical irrigated industries.

  • Actively lobbying politicians at the Local, State and Federal level to give voice to members concerns and interests.

  • Engagement for input on key policy areas.

  • Working with the media to ensure the voice, perspective and interests of irrigating farmers are given legitimacy.

  • Maintaining water quality in the River Murray for all users.

  • Water use efficiency and productivity.

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